Limitless director Neil Burger to helm Dennis Lehane short story Animal Rescue

Neil Burger directing Bradley Cooper

LIMITLESS was fine, but it is for THE ILLUSIONIST that I will always love Neil Burger and give his work my attention. That film just did everything right for me, and it affects me the same way on the fourth viewing as it did on the first.  So I’m of course interested that Burger has been tapped to direct an adaptation of the short story ANIMAL RESCUE by Dennis Lehane (SHUTTER ISLAND, GONE BABY GONE), a twisting tale which follows “a man trying to leave a life of crime, a pit bull, a heist gone wrong, and a killing.”

ANIMAL RESCUE is being produced by Fox Searchlight, who have also shepherded into existence high financial and critical successes like JUNO and BLACK SWAN, as well as the recently-wrapped productions HITCHCOCK and STOKER

Burger is currently hard at work crafting UNCHARTED: DRAKES FORTUNE for Sony, but there’s no word on just when he’ll tackle ANIMAL RESCUE. 

More as it comes, on either project really.

Anna Friel topless

Cooper’s LIMITLESS co-star Anna Friel, a woman so beautiful I’m not even going to try and make a joke or double entendre.

Source: Variety

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