Comic Con: Top 10 Hottest Costumes

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Anyone who roams the floors of San Diego Comic-Con knows that there’s a lot more to look at than toys, posters and booths. I’m talking about the ladies. Specifically, the ladies who are dressed in elaborate costumes inspired by their favorite comic books/movies/TV shows. The work they put into these outfits is impressive, to say the least, and all you need to do is look at the group of mouth-breathers ogling their assets to realize the work has paid off. Presenting the Top 10 Hottest Costumes seen at Comic Con 2013!

#1 – Black Widow Reporter Chick

I caught a glimpse of this beauty waiting on a press line – trying to get ready to work – and I couldn’t resist bothering her for a moment. Her skin-tight Black Widow costume drew me in like a foolish Chitauri. I’m just lucky she didn’t slay me. Well, she kind of did.

#4 – Black Sails pirates

Okay, so clearly there’s a little something for the ladies here too… But even they’ll be hard-pressed to not stare at the stunning pirate beauty on the right. This trio was there promoting the new TV show “Black Sails” and she certainly put some wind in my sails.

#2 – Busting Out

I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t know what this costume is… And I don’t care – it’s still just about the greatest costume I’ve ever seen.

#3 – Kick-Ass hottie

Not “technically” a costume? Well, you’re not “technically” a human being if you’re going to complain about this hottie being included. That smile is still kicking my ass.

#5 – Adrianne Curry as Psylocke

Adrianne Curry again! And why not, she earns another mention in her hot Psylocke costume. She was actually doing some work here, covering SDCC for Fandango, but still seems pretty much like all play for Adrianne.

#6 – Street Fighter’s Cammy

Classic SDCC costume here. Cammy is all smiles in the picture, thankfully, but five seconds after it was taken she leveled me with a spin kick. Must have been something I said.

#7 – Bow-and-arrow wielding hottie

Maybe you know who this lovely girl is cosplaying; I don’t, unfortunately. And you know what? That doesn’t matter one bit. She can prick me anytime. (Wait, what?)

#8 – Playboy bunny and Harley Quinn

Not sure if these two were together or not, but being in the right place at the right time was all that mattered. Is there an episode of “Batman: The Animated Series” where Harley and a bunny get together and… play? Um.. be right back.

#9 – Adrianne Curry does Mortal Kombat

Yes, a little hard to see at first, but that is indeed geek goddess Adrianne Curry busting out as a Mortal Kombat character with a friend. Those eyes say “Finish Him!” don’t they?

#10 – Slave Leia’s!

What’s a SDCC without a sexy Slave Leia? And look at that – we’ve got two of them! You can call me Jabba!

Honorable Mention

I’m not quite sure if I’m supposed to be turned on or frightened by this intriguing get-up. Why can’t it be both?!

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