Lucifer is having one hell of a time at the top of the streaming ratings

It's almost hard to believe that Lucifer was canceled by Fox two years ago. The fan outcry was so strong that it was given a second life by Netflix and even that life has been extended beyond its original intentions. Maybe Netflix made a deal with the devil because that second life has paid off for the streamer as the popular series has now topped Nielsen's latest streaming rankings. 

According to the latest rankings, Lucifer outdid Nickelodeon animated series The Legend of Korra, which streams on Netflix. The series logged just shy of 1.6 billion minutes of viewing in the U.S. from August 17-23. Since Nielsen debuted the streaming rankings last month, all of the top ten titles are on Netflix. Disney+ and Hulu have been added to consideration as of this week. Amazon programming is also tracked by Nielsen but it only measures the U.S. and can't definitively gauge the performance across global platforms.

Lucifer is significantly ahead of The Legend of Korra as well (1.6 billion minutes of viewing versus 1.2 billion minutes of viewing). Lucifer has been insanely popular since shifting to Netflix and has dominated the rankings whenever a new season premieres. Lucifer is not considered a "Netflix Original" even though it began on Fox but a true Netflix Original like Umbrella Academy is ranked third with 1.088 billion minutes of viewing for the same week. Those numbers are also impressive since the third season of Umbrella Academy premiered in July. As for the rest of the list, library fare is still popular on the streamer with The Office ranking fourth (928 million minutes of viewing), Shameless ranking fifth (802 million minutes of viewing), Grey's Anatomy ranking sixth (764 million minutes of viewing), Criminal Minds ranking eighth (713 minutes of viewing) and NCIS ranking ninth (533 minutes of viewing). The original Netflix film, PROJECT POWER, is also going strong in seventh with 761 minutes of viewing and it's the only original film in the top ten.

You might be wondering where Cobra Kai is on the list and these numbers recorded rankings before the series hit the streamer on August 28, 2020. Will be interesting to see how that show ranks since it did trend as Netflix's most popular series, over Lucifer, the week it premiered. Have YOU been watching Lucifer on Netflix? Check out the full top ten Nielsen streaming rankings below!

1. Lucifer (75) 1.591B

2. The Legend of Korra (52) 1.248B

3. The Umbrella Academy (20) 1.088B

4. The Office (192) 928M

5. Shameless (121) 802M

6. Grey’s Anatomy (361) 764M

7. Project Power (1) 761M

8. Criminal Minds (277) 713M

9. NCIS (353) 533M

10. Teenage Bounty Hunters (10) 422M

Source: Deadline

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