Margot Robbie joins director David O. Russell’s latest project

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Director David O. Russell has been doing his best Smaug the dragon imitation over the last four years or so. After cranking out four flicks in half a decade, Russell retreated into his cave (presumably on a  mountain of gold) and hasn't made a peep since. Some of that can of course be attributed to the controversy surrounding the director, but Russell can also be selective at times. (There was a six year gap between I HEART HUCKABEES and THE FIGHTER.) Well it seems as though David O. Russell's period of hibernation is over as he's about to sweep over Hollywood again like the aforementioned dragon over Lake Town.

Last month JoBlo reported that Russell was gearing up for a new film at New Regency with Christian Bale primed to star. Now reports are coming in that Harley Quinn herself – Margot Robbie – will co-star alongside Bale in Russell's upcoming project. David O. Russell's film doesn't currently have a title and the plot details are non-existent. However, the project is quickly picking up steam and production on the movie is likely to commence this year.

Despite his sometimes abrasive and cantankerous nature, there's no denying David O. Russell's talent. Top notch actors and actresses flock to his projects. You only need look at his past catalog to know that. With two-time Oscar nominee Margot Robbie joining the cast, could the usual suspects follow? Could Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, or Mark Wahlberg climb on board? Perhaps all of them? Time will tell.

Are you guys excited for a new David O. Russell project? Glad that Margot Robbie has joined? Do you like his previous works? What's your favorite film of his? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Deadline

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