Mark Hamill jokes about a warrant being issued for Luke Sky Walker

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Mark Hamill, Luke Sky Walker, Star Wars

I'm not gonna lie. Today has been a pretty flippin' amazing day for me, so far. Tool's title track from their upcoming album "Fear Inoculum" is out in the wild, and all is right with the world, so to speak. Do you know who's not enjoying their Wednesday one little bit? Luke Sky Walker.

No, not the character made famous by Mark Hamill thanks to George Lucas' beloved STAR WARS franchise, Luke Sky Walker, the 22-year old who's had a warrant issued for his arrest in Carter County, Tennessee. You see, Walker went ahead and got himself in some decent trouble with the police after being charged with property theft to the tune of $1,000. While that might not seem like too heinous of an offense, it gets worse … or better, you decide.

It would seem that the call for Luke Sky Walker's arrest alerted Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill to the ordeal, and now the STAR WARS alum is having a bit of fun at the felon's expense.

Upon hearing about Walker's story, Hamill tweeted this hilarious jab:

After further investigation, it's been noted that this isn't Walker's first run-in with Johnny Law. According to Tennesse records, Walker was arrested for violating probation after a felony theft charge last year.

Now, while Hamill's quip might seem harmless enough, I think it's important that we consider another angle of the exchange. Imagine growing up as Walker, who was likely teased by his classmates for his given name since primary school. Bullying is not cool by any stetch of the imagination, ever, but contemplate for a moment the idea of Walker finally being acknowledged by Hamill for such an embarrassing reason. I can see Walker in my mind's eye right now, shaking his fist at the sky while shouting "Hamill, I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!" It's all quite tragic, but not really. It just goes to show you that crime doesn't pay, especially if your name is Luke Sky Walker. Womp womp!

Source: Twitter

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