Mark-Paul Gosselaar will finally watch Saved by the Bell for new podcast

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Despite being the star of one of the biggest teen series of its era, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell, has never seen a single episode of the show in its entirety. This is all going to change very soon as Gosselaar has decided it's finally time to take in every episode of the show and document his reactions as part of a new podcast called "Zack to the Future" from Entercom's Cadence 13.

Co-hosting with Gosselaar for this endeavor will be Dashiell Driscoll, best known for "Zack Morris is Trash" fame. Gosselaar had this to say about watching the show for the first time and the new podcast:

"For years I have been asked by dedicated fans of Saved by the Bell to revisit the show. I couldn't wrap my head around an idea that would keep the audience entertained and celebrate the beloved series we created over 30 years ago, mostly because I can't remember a thing about making it, and I am thrilled to say I have found the answer. As my co-host, Dashiell Driscoll will be my key to unlocking every door at Bayside, a key he assures me Zack Morris would've had. I haven't watched a single episode in its entirety since I walked off the sets in 1993. It's time to wheel that big television into class. Go Bayside!"

The first season of "Zack to the Future", which premieres on July 29, 2020, will breakdown each episode of the show's first season. In preparation, Gosselaar will be reintroduced to the show and receive his course work/homework for the season from his co-host, Driscoll. If you doubt Driscoll's knowledge of all things Saved by the Bell, it should be noted that he was hired as a staff writer on Peacock's upcoming Saved by the Bell reboot. Driscoll talked to "Entertainment Weekly" about the experience:

"I would describe my experience as very surreal. It's been a really amazing journey for me and I'm so happy to be on it. I thought just getting to make Zack Morris is Trash was such a cool and fun thing. But getting to write on the reboot with Tracy Wigfield as my fearless leader is an absolute dream come true. This is the TV writing I've wanted to do. So imagine my excitement when the phone rings one day and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is asking me to do a podcast with him! I never could've imagined when I was a kid watching re-runs after school that it would lead to anything productive or fruitful for me. But it really led to so many great opportunities years later."

Talk about fan dreams coming true! "Zack to the Future" premieres on July 29, 2020! Will YOU be listening? 

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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