Mark Wahlberg could start his directorial debut next year

In case you have forgotten, Mark Wahlberg started his career in the entertainment industry as a musician, all before making the very, very successful leap into acting. He’s since added an Oscar nomination to his resume, as well as producing credits, so it seems logical he would make the jump to the director’s chair at some point. Turns out, the star could get started on his directorial debut quite soon.

While speaking with Collider to promote his new movie ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, Wahlberg spoke about learning from director Ridley Scott, which prompted a question about when we could see the actor’s own directorial effort.

It’s either gonna happen this time next year or maybe five years from now, who knows. But, maybe this time next year.

He didn’t reveal much about what the project would be but did reveal the movie will be a true story that takes place in Wisconsin. Again, to go back to the quote, there’s no confirmation Wahlberg would start filming the movie in the next year, or if he’ll wait, but perhaps with the news coming out it will spark the fire that will get him to work.

Something tells me Wahlberg will be a great filmmaker. He’s worked with so many notable names in the business, including Michael Bay, Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell, Martin Scorsese, and now Scott, and I can imagine he’s just absorbed so much of their knowledge and learned from all those experiences. Same goes for Ben Affleck, who clearly proved himself as a director. I’m sure the movie will get a ton of publicity when it starts being made, and chances are he'll be able to "directing" to the list of things he's already great at. Also on the list that you may not know are "Knitting" and "Finding Great Deals at Costco."

You can see Wahlberg with Michelle Williams and Christopher Plummer in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD now

Source: Collider

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