Massive Star Wars: Episode VIII rumor gives us Rey’s heritage

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this new STAR WARS trilogy is where the hell Rey comes from! The easy assumption is that Luke Skywalker is her father, but as most fans would agree, that's almost TOO easy. Well, the following rumor might give us our answer, so it's worth noting that there are POTENTIAL MAJOR SPOILERS in the following article. Granted, this does not come from one of our confirmed sources but it's fun to discuss, right?

For those of you still with me, this comes courtesy of Comic Book Movie from a source dubbed "Stormtrooper Larry." Evidently this source has delivered some on-set photos in the past, and while that doesn't exactly mean this is legit, there may be some truth in there somewhere. So let's get to it!

As the scene begins, Luke talks a bit about the arrogance of the Jedi Council, and that they were concealing a secret. Rey takes Luke's hand and together they see a vision of the past – two children playing near a mysterious tree. As one child, a boy, gets closer to the tree, he notices that his strength increases. One day a fight breaks out between the boy and the other child, a girl, and he seemingly kills her. Touching the tree, he's "transformed", and proceeds to kill their parents and flee the planet. The girl is alive, however, and also transformed by the tree. She creates the first Jedi Order.

Eventually, the girl reveals that she will return in either the form of a girl or a boy and that person will be "The One." Luke explains that Anakin was thought to be The One, but the situation went tits up (probably not the EXACT bit of dialogue). We also see Rey's parents in this vision and that Rey was identified as being strong in the force at a young age. She was to undergo training, but never reached her destination. Luke gives Rey a choice to make and until sundown to make it. It's at this point that Kylo and his Knights or Ren seem to show up…

From what I understand, a copy of a STAR WARS script is harder to get a hold of than Hamilton tickets, so I'm going to take the above with all of the grains of salt. With that said, there are a few things in the rumor that seem to ring true, like a mysterious-looking tree and Kylo attacking at sunset. It's possible some fan has just taken a look at the set photos and come up with their own bullshit, so we'll just have to wait until next December to find out!

STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII will open in theaters on December 15, 2016.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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