Meta series “Die Hart” starring Kevin Hart and John Travolta coming to Quibi

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I'm all for experimental art. Bret Easton Ellis' fantastic novel The Rules of Attraction started and ended mid-sentence. Country singer Garth Brooks put out a bizarre album where he played Chris Gaines, a fictionalized Australian rock star. Hell one of my favorite films of all-time, Christopher Nolan's MEMENTO, completely flipped the script on linear storytelling. While not all art experiments are successful I'd rather have an artist, in whatever medium, take a risk rather than stand pat. That's why this next bit of news is equally bonkers and bold.

Comedic actor Kevin Hart will next star in the television series Die Hart for the upcoming short-form streamer Quibi. Hart will play a fictionalized version of himself that's grown tired of being cast as a goofball. Desiring to become a full-fledged action star, Hart turns to a training center for serious Hollywood action stars. Now here's the hook: the center is run by none other than John Travolta. And we're not talking PHENOMENON John Travolta either. I'm talking full-on Vic Deakins from BROKEN ARROW and Castor Troy from FACE/OFF. Kevin Hart will face off (pun intended) against another student who is just as eager to become the next great action star and take Hart down.

While this premise sounds decidedly off-beat and hilarious, the people behind this series are top-notch. Brooklyn 99's Eric Appel takes on directing duties while Tripper Clancy (STUBER) and Derek Kolstad (JOHN WICK) will write the episodes. In addition, Candice Wilson who helped produce several of Kevin Hart's previous stand-up specials will executive produce. That's quite the pedigree of talent behind this series and while the program may err on the side of comedy, the people involved are definitely taking this seriously.

What say you guys? Are you interested in seeing a meta series where Kevin Hart and John Travolta play themselves? How crazy do you think Travolta will be in this show? Any chance Tom Cruise shows up and starts jumping on a couch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Variety

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