Michael B. Jordan to lead, produce The Silver Bear hitman drama

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Over the past few years, BLACK PANTHER and CREED star Michael B. Jordan has transformed himself into one of the most in-demand actors working in Hollywood. Whether he's looking to take Wakanda by force, or punch a Russian square in the chiseled breadbox, there's nary a studio in Tinseltown who doesn't want him to star in their next box office blockbuster.

Today, Deadline has announced that Jordan has signed on to star in and produce an assassination drama titled THE SILVER BEAR for Lionsgate. The studio is reportedly eyeing the project for a potential franchise, which Jordan himself will help produce. The endeavor is based on the book series by Derek Haas, known for penning the scripts to such films as WANTED and 3:10 TO YUMA, as well as television programs the likes of CHICAGO JUSTICE, CHICAGO P.D., CHICAGO MED and CHICAGO FIRE. Frank Baldwin (THE WARRIORS, THE GODMOTHER) has been charged with writing the script, which will center on a man who becomes the most feared and respected hitman among his murderous profession.

As previously mentioned, Jordan will produce via Outlier Society, with Nickel City Pictures’ Vishal Rungta, Mark Fasano, Ankur Rungta. Haas, Michael Garnett and Tobias Weymar boarding the proect as executive producers.

When Jordan arrives in the upcoming film, he'll so as Columbus, a hitman known throughout his community of killers for taking out any target while always making a clean getaway. In THE SILVER BEAR, Columbus is tasked with doing what he does best to a presidential candidate, however, the plot begins to spiral out of control after Columbus realizes that his target is someone from his past.

Provided that the film is a success, Haas has three more novels featuring the Columbus character waiting in the wings to continue the character's story. The setup is perfect for an actor like Jordan, whose star only burns brighter with each passing day.

“From our first meeting we knew that he was the perfect fit for the role of Columbus,” said Nickel City Picture's Vishal Rungta in a statement.

Steel yourselves, folks, the age of Jordan looks to be continuing in fine fashion. Let's take some bad guys to the cleaners.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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