Michael J. Fox joins powerful Coldplay performance at Glastonbury

Michael J. Fox joined Coldplay for two songs at their recent Glastonbury Festival gig, including “Fix You.”

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I guess you guys aren’t ready for that, yet. But your kids are gonna love it. OK, so Coldplay is no Chuck Berry, but Michael J. Fox recently jammed with the British band on stage at the Glastonbury Festival, sitting in for two songs.

Michael J. Fox joined Coldplay for “Humankind” (off of their 2021 album Music of the Spheres) and a rather beautiful version of “Fix You”, one of their signature songs off of 2005’s X&Y. Fox, bound to a wheelchair due to his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s disease, proved a vital presence on the stage, especially for “Fix You.” Just before Fox left the stage, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin gave him – and a certain iconic ‘80s movie – a special shoutout, saying, “The main reason why we’re in a band is because of watching Back to the Future. So thank you to our hero forever, one of the most amazing people on earth, Mr. Michael J. Fox, thank you so much Michael, our hero.” Check it out:

That link between Michael J. Fox and Coldplay seems to be the real deal, as it has been pointed out that Fox joined the band on stage for “Johnny B. Goode” – the same song Marty McFly played at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance – at a 2016 concert, with Fox absolutely shredding it.

Outside of helping Coldplay close out their headlining gig at Glastonbury, Fox has essentially retired from performing of any kind. However, he did recently say that he is not against the idea of returning, declaring, “If something came up that I could put my realities into it — my challenges — if I could figure it out.” We’d love to see Michael J. Fox back on the screen (big or small) but the reality is that it just may not work out. But if he can still make appearances such as this and continue to provide inspiration through his words and actions, we’re more than happy with that.

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Source: GMA

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