Mike series trailer shows Trevante Rhodes going pound for pound as the legendary Mike Tyson


Hulu has sounded the bell for its Mike series trailer, presenting Moonlight‘s Trevante Rhodes as the heavyweight wrecking machine Mike Tyson. The eight-episode series focusing on the rise of one of history’s most outstanding and controversial boxing champions steps into the ring on August 25 with two episodes; two episodes will stream weekly from that point on.

Mike hails from creator and screenwriter Steven Rogers and showrunner Karin Gist. As you can see from Hulu’s Mike series trailer, the story takes audiences through the Champ’s brutal rise to the top of the professional boxing food chain. Before Mike Tyson dropped boxers like a bag of dirt in the squared circle, he was a street tough, troublemaker, and a thorn in the side of local law enforcement. Spanning 30 years of Tyson’s life, Mike explores class and race in America, fame, fortune, and how the American Dream can corrupt those with the best intentions.

Hulu’s Mike series trailer also features Russell Hornsby as fight promoter Don King, Harvey Keitel as Cus D’Amato, Laura Harrier as Robin Givens, Li Eubanks as Desiree Washington, Olunike Adeliyi as Lorna Mae, and B.J. Minor as a young Mike Tyson.

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Craig Gillespie, CLubhouse Pictures’ Bryan Unkeless and Scott Morgan, and LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie will also executive produce with Entertainment 260’s Darin Friedman. Rhodes, Anthony Hemingway, Anthony Sparks, and Samantha Corbin-Miller are executive producing.

From his storied boxing career to video games and Hollywood roles, Mike Tyson has overcome several challenges throughout his life. With the world against him at a young age, Tyson made it his mission to rise above those who never believed in him to make his dreams a reality. Not every milestone in Tyson’s life is a shining beacon, though he’s managed to make the most of his legacy at every turn.

Mike premieres on Hulu beginning on August 25, 2022.

Source: Hulu

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