Miss March red band

Earlier this year, we brought you the first trailer for the sex comedy MISS MARCH but we all know the only way to truly appreciate a sex comedy is to see some of the, well, sex, so IGN has done us a solid and hit us with a red band trailer. The story centers on a guy who awakens from a coma to find that his former prom date is now a Playboy centerfold so he sets out on a trip to the Playboy Mansion to see if she’ll still give him the time of day. Along the way, he and his friend encounter aggressively sex-crazed lesbians. Because why wouldn’t they encounter aggressively sex-crazed lesbians? That totally happens all the time. Check out the sex-crazed fun on March 13th and click on those lovely ladies almost tonguing to check out the clearly NSFW red band trailer.


Source: IGN

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