Review: Miss March

Plot: After taking a nasty fall, recent high school graduate Tucker (Zach Cregger) slips into a coma. Four years later, he wakes up, having been abandoned by his family, and girlfriend Cindi (Raquel Alessi), with only his best buddy, perpetual horndog Eugene (Trevor Moore) still at his side. After stumbling across a Playboy featuring Cindi as the centerfold, Tucker & Eugene hit the road to crash a party at the Playboy mansion, where Tucker hopes he can confront Cindi, and where Eugene hopes he will get to sleep with many playmates- if his epileptic girlfriend Candace (Molly Stanton) doesn’t kill him first.

Review: Consider this one a pleasant surprise. MISS MARCH is the debut feature from The Whitest Kids U Know alum Trevor Moore, & Zach Cregger- who not only star, but also wrote and directed the film. I didn’t go in expecting much, as the trailers make it look pretty idiotic (and poorly made to boot), but despite my low expectations, I actually had a great time with MISS MARCH.

While I doubt it’ll break the bank at the box office, it’s actually a pretty damn funny, raunchy sex comedy- more along the lines of films like ROAD TRIP & AMERICAN PIE, than the recent Judd Apatow style comedies that currently dominate the multiplex. MISS MARCH has a bunch of good belly laughs- including a fellatio scene that needs to be seen to be believed.

Moore & Cregger do well in their debut feature. I’m not familiar with The Whitest Kids U Know, but after seeing this, I’ll definitely have to check out some of their sketches. Cregger is particularly effective, playing the straight man to the more manic Moore. I also dug the extended cameo from Craig Robinson of THE OFFICE, who plays the imaginatively named rapper- Horsedick.MPEG.

The only part of the film that really fell flat for me was the tacked on cameo by Hugh Hefner. It’s obvious that Hef never left the mansion, and obviously filmed all of his scenes independently of Moore & Cregger, as he never once shares the frame with any of the actors, and is obviously reading his lines off cue cards. If Hef couldn’t be bothered to show up for filming, or if they couldn’t get out to the mansion to film him, they should have just left it out of the film- as it’s a really cheap & lame addition to an otherwise fun flick.

That aside, I had a blast with MISS MARCH, and it’s easily better than the recent FIRED UP, and definitely worth seeing if you like a good gross-out film/ sex comedy. While I doubt it’ll drum up too much biz in theaters, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it takes off on DVD, and develops a SUPER TROOPERS-style cult following.

Grade: 7.5/10

Review: Miss March




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