Montreal Expos: Netflix greenlights documentary about the baseball franchise’s final days

The late Montreal Expos are about to get the Netflix docuseries treatment, with the streamer putting a new series into production.

Montreal Expos

Some of you may not know this, but a few of us here on JoBlo have our roots in Montreal. I’m certainly one of them and one of the things I most remember about growing up in the city during the nineties was going to see baseball games at the Olympic stadium with my father on Friday nights. Indeed, I was always excited to see the Montreal Expos play, and for a lot of us, losing our baseball franchise was traumatic, with the team departing in 2004 to become the Washington Nationals. Now, Netflix is green-lighting a documentary series about that infamous event, with the streamer making the announcement today. The series will be produced in Montreal by a local company called Attraction, which was signed recently to produce French-language docs for the streamer. It’s unknown if this will be done in French, English or – in true Montreal fashion – a mixture of both. 

Netflix has been on a roll recently with sports docs, including Formula 1: Drive To Survive, Full Swing, NASCAR: Full Speed, Untold, Quarterback, Tour de France: Unchained, Under Pressure: The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team, Six Nations: Full Contact and more.

In the press release, Attraction president Richard Speer noted, “It is with great pride and enthusiasm that Attraction announces the first project to result from our partnership with Netflix. The Expos were the first MLB team outside of the US, and despite their departure from Montreal, they continue to have passionate fans to this day. This film will tell the story of the team through the eyes of those who lived it.”

Ironically, the Expos have recently come up in local news here in Montreal, with the city planning a controversial $870 million roof replacement on the Olympic Stadium. Folks in town are upset, wishing it would be demolished instead, although apparently, that would cost a stunning $2 billion to do, making the roof replacement more economically feasible, or so they say.

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