More The Tick clips show off why this show is going to be awesome

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Other than the costume (which is fine, save the obvious fabric showing underneath and the clunky plastic muscles), I’ve been loving everything I’ve been seeing from the new live-action THE TICK reboot from Amazon Prime. While no Patrick Warburton, Peter Serafinowicz acquits himself well in the role, and I actually prefer Griffin Newman’s more human take on Arthur. Furthermore,
the tight-rope tone they seem to be walking – playing everything serious save Tick – looks to be working out.

Anyway, here are three clips from the show to convince you to watch it:

I might be turning around on Serafinowicz, as he killed some funny lines “We could fight over there” or “Your mouths say one thing, but your guns say something else!”. Not only that, but there were also some really cool visuals (love the destroyed robot in the background of one shot). Anyway, I can’t wait for this goddamn show!

Meanwhile, THE TICK will leap onto Amazon Prime August 25th.

Source: YouTube

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