Movie Magic 8-Ball: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2! Drooling? Dreading? Regardless, Sony has provided loads of teasers to whet our appetites for more than a decade. Together, we speculated the success of Tobey and Sam before their first venture, stood in awe of the stunning sequel, cringed at the villain-stuffed threequel, and witnessed a fresh, albeit swift reboot from Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield with decidedly mixed reactions. Now, amid news of a cluster of sequels and spin-offs, let’s look at the clues we’ve been given for Spidey’s next installment. Let’s connect the dots between plot snippets, fill in the gaps between trailer cuts, and piece together the future of our favorite webhead as it will play out in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything.”

In a recent trailer commentary, Marc Webb revealed that we open on Spider-Man in free fall. He’s en route to his graduation, late on account of the Russian mob tearing through the streets in a Mac Truck. Spidey’s hot on the tail of this motley crew, who’s hijacked an Oscorp truck. Our webslinger does his best to curb the damage, saving a bus full of civilians and a lowly Oscorp employee named Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx). Leaping among police cruisers, he reaches and foils the thugs’ getaway. He deftly disarms the leader, Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti), strings him up, and recovers a stolen Oscorp vial. Exiting to cheers and chants (“Spidey! Spidey!“), Peter makes it to graduation in time to steal an on-stage kiss with his girlfriend, Gwen. On the whole, the ceremony is bittersweet, what with the absence of the teens’ father figures. Peter actually imagines seeing a bloody Captain Stacy, recalling the man’s last words — a plea to keep away from his daughter. As seen at the end of TASM, we know Peter just can’t keep this promise.

“You’re my eyes and ears out here!”

Things are going all right for Peter, notwithstanding. It’s summertime, he’s got a beautiful girl, and nobody’s pressing him to get a job (though someone will name-drop The Daily Bugle). Even Peter’s childhood buddy Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) is in town, caring for his dying father, Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper). The two catch up and discuss their plans to attend ESU in the fall. As for Gwen, she’s now a seasoned employee at Oscorp — well respected, unlike her colleague Max Dillon. The unkempt loner has become infatuated with Spider-Man ever since being rescued. By the looks of the newspaper clippings on his walls, he fancies himself the superhero’s partner. (In truth, he just wants people to notice him.) Little does Dillon know that on a fateful late night at the lab, he’ll plummet into a tank of super-electric eels and mutate into a super-being just like his hero. The accident renders him a self-sustaining electrical charge. His unconscious “body” shatters and zaps into an outlet…

“What the f…?”

…Only to rematerialize near Times Square. Dillon staggers among the tourists, still nobody noticing him. So he makes them, “shocking” civilians with his electro-pulses. Peter and Gwen hear the disturbance from a few blocks away. They’re on a date, and Gwen’s just informed Peter that she’s received a scholarship abroad. A reluctant Peter cuts the convo short to see what’s up. As Spider-Man, he greets Dillon with a little too much sarcasm, then tries to calm the guy down. When he forgets Dillon’s name, he sends the blue man into a staticky rage. In front of thousands, Spidey gets his ass literally fried. The only thing that saves him is Dillon’s lack of control over his powers. Dillon loses form and disperses.

Peter’s spooked by Dillon’s sheer power and, realizing the Oscorp connection, opts to fish for intel with Harry. Here, he discovers that his family has been under surveillance for years. Peter’s quick departure puts off Harry, who in turn digs further. Soon, Harry stumbles upon a certain “spider” incident, does the math, and brings news to his father that Peter is Spider-Man. Through flashback, a dying Norman recalls Richard Parker’s work on a special “super” serum and the fateful plane crash that buried his secrets. The serum could have cured Norman’s illness. They surmise that if Peter is Spider-Man — a “super” human — perhaps Richard hid his secrets within Peter. Harry basks in making his dad proud while Oscorp looks for a way to capture Spider-Man. Who better to hire than a Russian with a grudge?

A Sinister-looking duo.

Oscorp has Aleksei Sytsevich moved to Ravencroft, from which they pluck the hairless hoodlum and throw him in some next-gen super armor (built by BJ Novak’s Alistair Smythe). Yes, the same Russian who jacked an Oscorp truck earlier. That was a SET-UP to get the truck’s contents (a flawed version of the “super” serum) off Oscorp’s books. A plan foiled by Spider-Man. (Stay with me…) So Spidey has his toughest battle yet in a hella destructive fight with the souped-up Rhino, but a renewed humility gives our hero the upper hand. He breaks Aleksei out of the suit and dismantles the armor — not before shedding some blood, which somehow gets back to Oscorp. Meanwhile, Dillon’s being observed at Ravencroft. As the institute’s biggest donor, Oscorp can closely monitor the situation, doing damage control and weighing militaristic options.

“There’s something you’re not telling me.”

At this point, Peter knows that Oscorp’s out to get Spider-Man, and he’s still got questions about his father’s ties to the corporation. Aunt May stumbles in on Peter’s investigatory collage and finally comes clean with her nephew. She knew that Oscorp was watching them and that they had something to do with the Parkers’ deaths. She also knew that Peter’s protection was Richard’s foremost concern. Peter learns enough to track down his father’s secret subway lab. Through recorded testimony, Richard reveals that Oscorp intended to use his research for sinister purposes. Peter discovers that his father injected the only completed “super” serum into him when he was a child. The radioactive spider must’ve only triggered the powers he already possessed, meaning his DNA holds currency.

“Let’s go catch a Spider.”

Meanwhile, Harry sees the Rhino’s failure as a chance to prove his worth to his father, and save him in the process. After seeing footage of the electrical accident, Harry locates and “befriends” Dillon (though their relationship is akin to a man and his dog.) Harry grooms Dillon to become “Electro,” equipping him with a new suit and an amplified hatred for Spider-Man. Peter’s already set course for Oscorp, which he knows has his blood, and he meets the newly bankrolled Electro for a dazzling battle in the Oscorp Power Plant. Electro’s a master of his powers now, teleporting among the pulsing towers, zapping left and right. However, Spider-Man finds a way to beat him — likely knocking his Bluetooth headchip free. Before Electro disintegrates among the towers, Peter learns that Harry’s been pulling the strings. Dillon disappears with a tragic line, “I just wanted everyone to see me.” Dead… but probably not dead-dead.

The ultimatum.

Spidey visits Harry to give Oscorp an ultimatum. (Norman’s in a coma, so Harry’s inherited the kingdom.) Spider-Man demands that Oscorp abandon testing on his DNA, or he’ll take down the corporation one lab geek at a time. Harry pleads with Spider-Man to help them cure his dad, but Spidey refuses. He puts a scare into Harry, leaving a few bruises and fueling Harry’s hatred. Having failed with Electro and his dad all but dead, Harry adopts an “if you want something done, do it yourself” attitude. He takes the flawed serum, steals a military glider, and sets out to kill his wallcrawling nemesis.

The dramatic finale looks a lot like the comics: Harry-as-Goblin uses Gwen as bait. The battle wages on, advantage shifting between the two old friends. Backed into a corner, Harry dangles Gwen in a tragic, familiar pose and drops her. Peter catches Gwen, crashes through a window, but loses his grip on her. He attempts to save her, but the whiplash from his webbing ends up killing Gwen. Harry has a devastated Peter on the ropes, but Peter prevails, killing Harry.

We all saw it coming… (That’s what she said.)

End on Peter mourning Gwen’s death, looking out over the city like it’s all he has. A nice bookend voiceover, and we Fade to Black… But post-credits, we find Norman Osborn alive and well, thanks to a finished serum. He’s been the man-in-the-shadows all along, emerging from episodes of psychosis (a side effect of flawed versions of the serum). He strolls through an Oscorp sublevel, passing Vulture wings, Octopus tentacles, teasing what will be his Sinister Six: “We have plans for you, Peter Parker.” He enters a chamber to assume the goblin mantle of his son. Fade to Black for realz.

“…The more people I try to save, the more enemies I will make…”

Other Predictions: Colm Feore plays Adrian Toomes, head of Ravencroft who’s supplying Oscorp with criminally insane guinea pigs for experiments; Felicity Jones is Harry’s gf/accomplice, who may secretly be a revenge-seeking Felicia Hardy trying to take down Oscorp from within; and the Daily Bugle will get a small nod, likely naming Spider-Man the common denominator in all the city’s recent destruction.

Magic 8-Ball review: Peter ain’t gonna love being Spider-Man after this one. Six — count ‘em, SIX! — baddies now on deck. Not to mention, the forecast says cloudy with a chance of Venom.


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