A Quiet Place meets The Office in mash-up video A Dwight Place

Don’t make any false moves. Don’t make a sound. If you do, a frightening, socially awkward farmhand named Mose will find you and creep the hell out of you with his blank gaze and beard-with-no-mustache facial hair. This is the plot of the hilariously terrifying mash-up of the hit movie A QUIET PLACE and the classic show THE OFFICE – both starring John Krasinski. The trailer takes from the episode of OFFICE where the opening bit involves the office workers trying to play the silent game for as long as they can, but everything goes to hell when Kevin breaks the rules, and cousin Mose’s terror is unleashed on the world. God have mercy on us all!

The video from Media Muse debuted yesterday and already has almost 350,000 views, and it’s no mystery why. Taking the cold open from THE OFFICE was inspired, and then making Mose the villain is excellent use of all his unnerving but hysterical moments from the show. Yesterday the writers of the movie said they have ideas for sequels, and I think a new one has just landed on their lap.

A QUIET PLACE is in theaters now.

Source: Media Muse



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