A writer is found for the Fantastic Four flick

Fantastic Four 600 comic cover

Seems this FANTASTIC FOUR thing is really happening after all. I used to care about the Fantastic Four when I was maybe eight years old, but other sorts of stories with other sorts of heroes have since come to hold my interest (I'm more a Batman/Hellboy guy now, with some Daredevil and Dr. Strange thrown in there for good measure).  But I'll still see the movie, and the creative team being put together is definitely an interesting one - it's the bit about still being owned by Fox that worries me, despite how much I truly enjoyed FIRST CLASS.

Josh Trank (CHRONICLE) officially signed on as the director just last week, and now a writer named Jeremy Slater is in final talks to write the thing.  He currently has a Lovecraft-themed script called TAPE 4 in the works, so the genre love is definitely there. 

This all being said, the jury's still out on what all this means for Trank's possible adaptations of THE RED STAR, VENOM, and SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS.  Would you prefer that Trank tackled one of those, or do you think he's a better fit for the Fantastic Four? And did FIRST CLASS sufficiently restore your faith in Fox, or are you still wary?

Extra Tidbit: Let's get some title suggestions! Fantastic Begins? Fantastic Returns? Fantastic Four: Origins? All Four Fantastic and Fantastic Four All? The Fantasticks?



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