Aaron Eckhart to star as Frankenstein's monster in a modern re-telling

Lionsgate is moving forward on its long-planned I, FRANKENSTEIN project, today announcing that they've signed Aaron Eckhart to star as Frankeinstein's monster in the film. Hey, if SNOW WHITE can get to "re-imaginings" then Frankenstein can at least get one...

In the film, Eckhart will star as Adam Frankenstein, the classic monster who has survived to modern day due to a genetic quirk. As he struggles to survive in a "dark, gothic metropolis," he finds himself caught in a war between two immortal clans. The film, according to producer Kevin Grevioux, will "make [Frankenstein] more of a cool action hero." (Yes, you just read that correctly.)

Stuart Beattie, a guy probably best known for his GI JOE and COLLATERAL scripts, will be directing the film for Lionsgate and Lakeshore. And if Grevioux's name sounds familiar it's because he co-created the UNDERWORLD universe, something this I, FRANKENSTEIN film seems very similar to (in addition to Frankenstein, the film will reportedly also feature vampires, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Hunchback of Notre Dame all battling each other).

As far as what this Frankenstein will look like, we know one thing - it won't have the classic neck bolts. That's one part of the design that's trademarked to Universal's monsters (the character itself is in the public domain).

Filming on the project is expected to begin this January in Australia with a February 2013 release date planned.

Source: JoBlo.com



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