Abrams cut Cloverfield trailer?

It's true that the teaser for CLOVERFIELD has had people losing their minds, but really, who was responsible for the genius piece of marketing? Who deserves the praise? It appears now that it was in fact none other than Mr. J.J. Abrams himself. Shocker, hmm? Advertising Age ran a story, which contained the following passage:

"Who cut the “Cloverfield” trailer? Paramount isn’t saying. Execs at and spokesmen for the studio did not return calls seeking comment. But a person at a postproduction house that works closely with Paramount on all its trailers told Ad Age that the trailer “came out of left field for all of us” and that the consensus was Mr. Abrams had cut the trailer himself."

I really hope that this is a) true, and b) indicative of the kind of involvement Abrams is having in this flick. Ideally, I'd want for him to be directing, instead of producing, but hey, hopefully he's heavily involved in the entire process and everyone is gonna leave the theater grinning. Abrams is awesome and I'm hoping that if nothing else, his greatness rubs off on director Matt Reeves.
Source: AdAge



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