Abrams on MI4

It wasn't too long ago that JJ Abrams needed Tom Cruise. When they shot MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 a few years ago, Cruise was the king of the world on the verge of a tailspin and Abrams was a young hot shot director and producer looking to hang with the big boys. My how things have changed. Cruise hasn't had a hit in years while Abrams is the proud owner of the biggest movie of the year (so far) STAR TREK. Still, Abrams is eager to work with Mr. Cruise on a fourth installment of the popular franchise and has announced that he will indeed produce the fourth film.

Apparently he and Cruise have "come up with a really good idea" and Abrams is "incredibly honoured" that Tom invited him back. Of course he invited you back silly! You directed STAR TREK remember? No more working at the corner store and shining daddy's shoes for you! No word yet on whether or not Abrams will direct, but something tells me a huge Tom Cruise action flick just isn't big enough anymore. Wow.
Extra Tidbit: Do they really need to make this film?
Source: /film



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