According to this new poster Ted wants you to know he's coming

I'm not sure what the technical term for bears is - spank the grizzly? Whatever it is, that's what our friend Ted is doing, and he wants you to know its result by way of this bus shelter/"in the wild" poster. And, you know, for advertising purposes I'd say that this is pretty effective - it catches my attention and manages to make me want to know more about this mysterious movie with an obviously raunchy teddy bear.

Ted "in the wild" poster

I'm about to trip down the long, deep rabbit hole of jokes that might be considered in bad taste despite all the pineapple I eat, so I'm just going to stop now and remind you that TED has moved into G.I. JOE: RETALIATION's old date of June 29th.

Extra Tidbit: I never actually had a proper teddy bear. Stuffed animals in general, yeah, but nothing like a special bear specifically. Can anyone out there claim the same?
Source: IMP Awards



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