Adorable fan interviews Tom Holland and Zendaya for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Some people will tell you that it's never a good idea to meet your heroes. That being said, what if your hero was Spider-Man? You'd certainly want to meet him, wouldn't you? Now, imagine that you're in maybe, I don't know, second grade; and someone gives you the opportunity to interview SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING stars Tom Holland and Zendaya. Yeah, you'd be freaking out. I would imagine that's how Liam felt when asking the Spidey co-stars a series of questions ranging from how best to aim your web-shooters to the proper way to ask Zendaya to be your girlfriend. 

It's a rather adorable interview, and you can watch it using the player below:

I love this kind of story. I try to imagine myself in that little dude's shoes, and how it must have felt to meet the people who portray such cool comic book-related characters on-screen. It's the sort of opportunity that, years from now, you might look back on and go, "Wow! That was a kick-ass day in the life." 

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING will be swinging into theaters this weekend, with showtimes starting as early as Thursday morning in select theaters. You can check out our Eric Walkuski's review of the film here, and look forward to a second-opinion review by Chris Bumbray tomorrow. 

Extra Tidbit: If I could have interviewed a group of stars from my childhood, it would be the cast of MONSTER SQUAD.
Source: Marvel



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