Angelina Jolie explains why Wanted 2 isn't happening

Before getting into the details of this news, I'll warn you right from the start that this contains SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen WANTED. With that said...

I liked WANTED well-enough but I don't know that I was taken with it enough to feel the need for a sequel. Turns out Angelina Jolie feels the same way. While Universal was hot to get a WANTED sequel off the ground after the film was a surprise success at the box-office, the biggest issue was that the biggest star in the film dies at the end. Producers and writers tried to find away around this sticking point. An origin story was discussed but what would this mean to James McAvoy's character who was the main character of the original film?

While they tried and tried, they never sufficiently cracked it and Jolie eventually felt like she had lost interest. When asked if she'd ever return for WANTED 2, Jolie told Coming Soon, "it's not that interesting to me." She clarified saying, "being dead makes it difficult...I kind of feel like if I die in a movie, I should die."

There have been rumors that producers were talking about bringing in Kristen Stewart to play a younger version of Jolie's character but honestly that's just stupid. Let's just call WANTED an interesting one-off movie that never needed a franchise and have that be that.

Extra Tidbit: Not every moderately successful film needs a sequel. I promise.
Source: Coming Soon



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