Another actor rumored for a villainous Superman role

We may have our hero, but the rest of the cast remains a mystery, along with what villains will show up to battle the Man of Steel in the film. Lex and Zod are suspected, much to the dismay of fans who would prefer the new movie explore territory not previously covered by the Donner films.

The guys at Latino Review are being their usual scoop-tastic selves and have come up with a new name being floated around for a villain role in the film. Zack Snyder shot down their previous assertion that Viggo Mortensen would be joining the film as Zod, but now there's a new name to toss around. But it's probably one that most of you won't recognize offhand.

The guy in the picture is Edgar Ramirez, who you may recognize from DOMINO or THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. There's no word on exactly what villain he's being considered to play, but LR is generally pretty good with their scoops. This may not come to pass, but it's likely the actor is at least being considered.

What villain do you actually want to see in the film? I agree that Zod and Luthor have been overdone, and it would be nice for Snyder to try something fresh. 

Extra Tidbit: Ramirez had a tiny role as Ares in CLASH OF THE TITANS, and supposedly has an expanded role in the upcoming sequel.
Source: Latino Review



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