Armie Hammer doesn't want to play Batman or any other superhero

Despite being the leading candidate for the role when George Miller was making the long in development JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, Armie Hammer is now saying he doesn't want to portray The Dark Knight in Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN VS BATMAN sequel to MAN OF STEEL.

In an interview with Metro UK, Hammer explained why he no longer wants to take on the cowl from Christian Bale:

“I think if Henry [Cavill] and I did [THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.] and then a superhero film straight after, people might start to wonder about us…I’m not actually a big fan of superhero films. If you have a guy who is supposed to be invulnerable, then what’s the point?”

This quote may not be 100% serious as Hammer also recently spoke fondly about the ANT-MAN rumors naming him as the star of the Edgar Wright film. For a guy who was already in the running for Batman to suddenly backtrack doesn't sound quite right.

Despite tons of casting rumors and theories regarding which young star could play Batman opposite Cavill, other sources are claiming that Warner Bros. wants an older actor to play Bruce Wayne and his alter ego which would be keeping with Zack Snyder's Comic Con reference to THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS comic book. I would be all for someone like Jon Hamm to take the reigns. DC needs an older actor to anchor their universe the way that Robert Downey Jr. does for Marvel.

SUPERMAN VS BATMAN opens in Summer 2015.

Source: IndieWire



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