Art of War 2. Yep.

I'm a big Wesley Snipes fan. I'm just gonna get that outta the way, because what comes next is painful for me to say. Word is that Wesley Snipes, not only thinks that THE ART OF WAR 2 would be a stellar idea, but that he's already started filming the thing. Apparently the film also stars such Hollywood heavyweights as Sung Hi Li (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) and Anthony 'Treach' Criss of Naughty By Nature fame. That's when you know a movie's gonna be good; a chick who recently played an Asian porn star and an ex-Rapper. The movie is listed on IMDb.com as being called 'INTERVENTION', but you could call this film ANGELINA JOLIE AND SCARLETT JOHANSSON GET DOWN AND DIRTY FOR FOUR HOURS and I'm still pretty sure this thing would make little to no money. There's no word yet about a plot, but Gerry Lively (DARKNESS FALLS) directs and Snipes will be back playing operative Neil Shawn. God I hope this film is good.
Extra Tidbit: In PASSENGER 57, Snipes is seen reading the book 'The Art of War'.
Source: Moviehole



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