Behold the many faces of James McAvoy in these Split clips

I can tell 2017 is going to be a great year because, from the look of it, M. Night Shyamalan looks like he will continue his return to form with the undeniably intriguing SPLIT. The appeal behind it is entirely fueled by James McAvoy’s performance as a man with 23 distinct personalities, with a 24th coming to reign down hellfire. The movie’s advertising has done a good job of not giving away too much, only focusing on a few personalities. Some clips for the movie have come out and continued to showcase McAvoy’s incredible work while still keeping everything on the hush-hush. Check them all out in a compilation below!

If there’s any reason to see this movie McAvoy is that reason. The man has been exploring more “out there”, complex roles recently (sans X-MEN and that Frankenstein flick), and SPLIT looks like it will take that to a whole new level. As well, Shyamalan brought us THE VISIT back in 2015, and though not a perfect movie proved the director was on the right track away from his terrible outings over the last…decade, I wanna say. If the movie is as great as it looks it will prove 2017 will truly be a year of miracles. Hear that, Uwe Boll? Anything is possible now!

SPLIT arrives in all its forms January 20.

Source: Universal



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