Ben Affleck's adaptation of The Stand is getting David Kajganich as a writer

Back in October, we reported that Ben Affleck would be helming as well as scripting the adaptation of Stephen King's THE STAND.

Now it looks like someone else will be stepping in for writing duties on this one. Affleck is still set to direct with the newly hired David Kajganich on board to tackle the script. So who is this David Kajganich anyway?

Warner Bros. hired Kajganich based on the script to the upcoming remake of another King novelization, IT. Also known as the reason for one of my crippling fears as a child. Clowns in storm drains? F*ck you. Anyway, turns out that the studio was "wowed" by Kajganich's script for IT and thought that the writer would be perfect for another King adaptation.

David Kajganich is also responsible for writing 2007's THE INVASION starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'd say a mediocre thing at best. Regardless, I'm looking forward to what Affleck does directing wise.

Source: Vulture



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