Big Bang Theory may have spoiled Green Lantern cameo in Justice League

So THE BIG BANG THEORY is running a contest that involves winning tickets to the JUSTICE LEAGUE premiere in Hollywood. The rules involve readers identifying "The Superhero of the Day" via a roulette wheel decorated with the various DC hero logos. You can see it here:

Something seems off though, right? Well that's because, as you can see, next to the Batman insignia, and over Sheldon's right shoulder, is the grim 'n gritty version of the Green Lantern logo! There have already been rumors that co-director Joss Whedon had filmed an after credits sequence involving the Lanterns, and this would seem to confirm it. Not only that, but Steppenwolf fucking name-dropped them already in the final JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer! 

However, despite all that, this is all still just a rumor. There's no official confirmation from Whedon, DC, or Warner Bros., and no set pics or script snippets to lead more credibility to his (their?) inclusion in the film. Though, having said all that, with the way things are being rushed and crammed in the last few DCEU films, it wouldn't be surprising to see GL show up even without this potential blunder.

So what do you Schmoes think? You down for a Green Lantern cameo? If so, which Lantern would you want to see? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, JUSTICE LEAGUE will fly into theaters November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: Call me when Ambush Bug gets a live-action cameo.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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