Bill Paxton joins Kevin Costner for the feud in Hatfields and McCoys

Let's get ready to rumble like it's 1878!

Looks like Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner will be battling in the History Channel miniseries, HATFIELDS AND MCCOYS. Kevin Reynolds (RED DAWN) has signed on direct.

The feud of accents will center on, “Devil” Anse Hatfield (Costner) and Randall McCoy (Paxton). Close friends and comrades during the Civil War, they returned to their neighboring homes -- Hatfield in West Virginia, McCoy just across the Tug River border in Kentucky -- to increasing tensions, misunderstandings and resentments that soon exploded into all-out warfare between the families. As hostilities grew, friends, neighbors and outside forces joined the fight, bringing the two states to the brink of another Civil War."

Friends don't like it when other friends kill their nephews. Also, never try to claim someone else's hog. If that living slab of bacon isn't yours, just stay away.

Extra Tidbit: Little Bill Paxton got to see JFK on the last day of the late President's life.
Source: Deadline



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