Jason Bourne director Paul Greengrass sets his sights on Eliot Ness film

In so many words, fact-about.org states that, the lawman Eliot Ness (1903 - 1957) was famous for being the founder and leader of the notorious team known to many as The Untouchables. Coming into law enforcement during Prohibition, and seen as a rising star in his field of expertise, Ness was given the task of upholding the laws as well as finding a way to shut down the many illegal operations of the biggest gangster in Chicago, Al Capone. With the assistance of nine hand-picked agents (The Untouchables), Ness found a way to legally throw Capone in the clink. After unsuccessfully campaigning to become mayor of Cleveland and with two failed marriages at that time, he began to frequent bars more often and his drinking habits became nearly as legendary as his contributions to law enforcement.

This afternoon, it's being reported that director Paul Greengrass has been confirmed to direct NESS for Paramount, a film based on the legendary lawman which is being adapted for the big screen by way of the graphic novel "TORSO" created by Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko. Brian Helgeland will pen an original screenplay based on Bendis and Andreyko's work, with Greengrass, Greg Goodman, John Davis, and John Fox poised to produce from Davis Entertainment alongside David Engel for Circle of Confusion. Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko will also serve as executive producers on the project. 

As of this time, no actors have been attached to the film. 

Fans of the JASON BOURNE films will know of Greengrass' penchant for creating thrillers and should have no trouble in believing that he's capable of delivering an intriguing take on Ness' dealings in the realm of investigative law enforcement. As for me, I've always found the tales of Eliot Ness to be quite fascinating, and wouldn't mind checking out a more modern approach to his story for a new generation of movie goers. 

No release date has been set for the release of NESS, but you can catch all of the JASON BOURNE-related films today in digital, Blu-Ray and DVD formats. 

Extra Tidbit: In a period of history when corruption was rife, even with the law enforcement agencies, Ness was tasked with finding law abiding, trustworthy and capable men which was no easy task. From an initial fifty men he reduced their number to fifteen before finally selecting nine men. These nine men would become known as The Untouchables.
Source: Variety



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