Bryan Singer enjoys the change of pace that Jack the Giant Killer offers

Some of us have already experienced X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Apparently it brings happiness. As the producer, Bryan Singer enjoys the forthcoming success, he also seems more than happy to be working on his current project, JACK THE GIANT KILLER.

The director who is already on set in England, spoke with LA Times about the nice change of fantastical pace from something like VALKYRIE, "I think this is the antidote to 'Valkyrie. With that movie, I was so obsessed with the accuracy and the history and the detail, and this film is a fantastical time in England. It's not pegged to a particular time in history, and it deals with fun and broad characters."

Another thing Singer welcomes is the romantic simplicity with this story, "It’s the first time in one of my films that there’s a romance that’s not fraught with a love triangle. The simpleness of this romance is my cure for all the love triangles that permeated the X-Men."

But with so many fairytale types of films on the way, Singer thinks that JACK has more to offer, "I think this takes it a step further — it’s all about the nature of storytelling. The tale is told by certain characters, and then it gets retold. It shows you can’t separate the story from the way it’s told."

Source: LA Times



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