Burns wears Dresses

Ed Burns seems like a good old boy to me. Good looking, charismatic, good voice, but film roles? Not really the best. It seems like he might be more interested in stepping behind the camera rather than carving out a really distinguished acting career, which is of course an equally legitimate endeavor. Although, now that I think about it, A SOUND OF THUNDER, which was justifiably his last foray into the world of action-hero roles, was just insulting. Now, he's stepping back into a little more familiar territory, as the man-candy in the Anne Fletcher (STEP UP) romantic-comedy, 27 DRESSES. The film looks at a perennial bridesmaid, who after planning many weddings for friends, is drafted by her sister, who's marrying the man with whom the bridesmaid is in love. Burns will of course be playing the fella the bridesmaid has the hots for. Katherine Heigl (GREY'S ANATOMY) and James Marsden (X-MEN) are also involved, Heigl as the bridesmaid.
Extra Tidbit: The movie sounds a little like THE WEDDING PLANNER, which coincidentally, Fletcher also worked on as an associate producer.
Source: Variety



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