Cassavetes on Capt'n?

Captain America Even though Captain America recently died at the hands of a sniper bullet and will soon be re-introduced into the Marvel universe as a gun-toting, black-pants wearing, similarly patriotic, and completely new (as in not Steve Rogers) superhero in the comic world, he's had a tough time getting to the big screen. However, we recently received some scoop suggesting that Nick Cassevetes, who was set to direct IRON MAN for a long time before Jon Favreau took the reins, may be looking to bring the Captain to a theater near you. It's not definite, of course, as the scooper only mentioned that Cassavetes' mother Gena Rowlands mentioned on some British talk show that her son was merely thinking about doing CAPTAIN AMERICA but if Cassavetes and Marvel are still on good terms and with the imminent Strike of the Apocalypse looming, this may happen quicker than anybody anticipated.

Extra Tidbit: More pictures of the new Alex Ross drawn Captain America can be found HERE.
Source: JoBlo.com



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