Cast This: Captain America

Whoa, now, waitaminnit -- cast Captain America?!? You may be thinking "Hey slappy, we've got a perfectly good Captain America already, and his name is Chris Evans!"

Indeed, Chris Evans has expertly embodied Marvel's star-spangled hero since 2011, when he first subjected himself to the Super Soldier serum and duked it out with WWII villain Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. After a heroic sacrifice, he returned in modern days and helped prevent an alien invasion, exposed the corruption of government agency S.H.I.E.L.D., fought an army of homicidal robots, and opposed his teammates to support a troubled friend.

But looking much further ahead, what does the future hold for Cap? When it comes to continuing in the costume, Evans himself seems hesitant. During recent interviews, the actor has vacillated between proclaiming his love for the character and repeatedly pointing out that his contract with Marvel is ending soon (he's also made it clear that he wants to focus more on directing).

On top of that, Captain America and the entire current roster of Marvel's cinematic superheroes will be desperately trying to save the universe from the menace of Thanos in the next two AVENGERS movies. Marvel honcho Kevin Feige has strongly implied that the conflict would result in a significant shakeup in the MCU status quo, so it would be more common sense than wild speculation to think that it could mean farewell for some major characters (as we now know them, anyway).

Captain America has had thousands of comic book adventures since his first appearance in 1941. Created by comic legends Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Steve Rogers was a scrawny but spirited New York teen who was determined to do his patriotic duty and join his fellow brave countrymen to fight in WWII despite his obvious limitations. Thanks to a secret experimental procedure called Project: Rebirth, he got his wish -- along with some remarkable physical improvements, becoming the hero Captain America.

One fateful wartime mission sent Captain America plunging into frozen waters, only to be thawed decades later -- a survival made possible through his biological enhancements. While adjusting to the modern age, Cap accepted a position in the Avengers and used his tactical expertise and iconic vibranium shield to battle all manner of superpowered foes and global threats.

Over the years of comic tales, others have also taken on the mantle of Captain America, including Steve Rogers' childhood friend James "Bucky" Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier) and colleague Sam Wilson, the high-flying Falcon -- each of whom has already been firmly established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Given the extreme danger that Thanos and his cosmic cohorts will most assuredly present during AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (and its still-untitled sequel), it wouldn't be implausible to imagine Bucky or Sam picking up the shield and continuing the identify of Captain America, should their friend meet his fate.

The reality-warping power of the Infinity Stones could also present an opportunity to do a "reboot" of Steve Rogers, swapping a new actor into the role (difficult though it may be to consider anyone but Evans as the character at this point).

Then again, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been entirely beholden to the comic book source material, so it's conceivable that they may forge a new creative path and select a completely different heir to the shield, or even present an entirely new character (via alternate universes? time travel?) who could take over in the hero's name.

How do you think a replacement for the Star-Spangled Avenger could be handled?

Let us know below who would make a heroic new Captain America!

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