CAST THIS: John McClane Jr.

We received a treasure trove of information yesterday about the upcoming DIE HARD 5, now awkwardly titled A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. Moreover we learned that the film will be out in early 2013, and has a plot where John McClane heads to Russia to rescue his son.

So naturally, that begs the question of which actor has it in him to play the son of one of the greatest action icons of all time. Who has what it takes to take on the McClane name and become JOHN MCCLANE JR. for this film?

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The problem? We don’t exactly know much about McClane’s son. The fact that he needs rescuing implies that he’s isn’t quite the badass his father is yet, as John McClane would likely escape Russian capture by murdering his entire guard contingent and stealing a submarine and driving it home.

Also unknown is the exact age of McClane Jr. Judging on the timelines of the other films, in 1984, Jr. was a young child. So today he’d probably be around thirty. You’re a thirty year old dude and you need your badass supercop dad to come save you? But according to plot rumors, “everything is not as it seems.” Interpret that how you will.

I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question that they could be introducing Jr. here to see if they can spin-off a “next generation” franchise that has his son getting into messes he must kill his way out of. Future action star grooming perhaps?


Well, I learned that no one really wants to see a POINT BREAK remake after my column last week, but as always, that in no way means that it isn’t happening anyway. Out of everyone, who were the two picks that stood out?

1. Utah – Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2. Bodhi – Matthew McConaughy

Well, can’t say I disagree with either of those. I think good old Matthew might be a TOUCH too old for the part, even if he is a born surfer, but I could definitely see him fitting in. I still, however, cannot see this movie actually being a good idea, and neither can most of you from what I’ve seen.

So, how about John McClane Jr?

Extra Tidbit: Remember James Bond Jr?
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