Cast This: Luke Cage

This is the second week in our “Cast This” series for the Marvel Netflix shows. First, we decided who would be the best Daredevil. Now it’s time to move on to Luke Cage.

I’m surprised we haven’t already covered Luke Cage. He’s a character that a lot of people have mentioned who needs to get some screentime. They tried to get the story of Cage to the big screen, but that hasn’t worked out so well. Now finally Netflix has deemed the character worthy enough of his own series. So whom do we choose? As you can guess I already have ideas…

First, let’s discuss what makes a good Luke Cage. It’s gotta be someone who already has a good amount of muscle mass, or someone who is ready to put some on. Cage is a hard guy to hurt so he needs to reflect that. The guy knows he’s a bad ass, and isn’t afraid to remind his opponents of that fact. He’s a hero for hire, if the price is right. Several actors have shown interest in the character like Terry Crews, Dwayne Johnson, Terrence Howard, Isaiah Mustafa, and Tyrese Gibson. Jamie Foxx was the first actor eyed for the role in 2003.

Do any of those names sound like they would be a good fit? Ever since Crews said he would be up for playing the role, I’ve had him stuck in my head. If the movie was made about 20 years ago, I’d say someone more like Laurence Fishburne. Maybe you guys can think of someone else.

That said, get to casting!


1. Jensen Ackles 2. Jamie Bamber 3. Garrett Hedlund

I was surprised by some of the choices that you guys presented this time around! While I like Jensen Ackles, I LOVE the idea of Jamie Bamber. He's already had time on a series (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), and I think he would be perfect. Hedlund came up in third and almost lost out to Michael C. Hall. Ackles is still doing SUPERNATURAL so I'm not sure if this would conflict with that or not. Good job, schmoes!

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