Check out Iron Man, Thor and Cap in two new pics from The Avengers

We're catching up on a lot of trailers for big 2012 movies the past few weeks. There's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, WRATH OF THE TITANS, BATTLESHIP, MEN IN BLACK 3, JACK THE GIANT KILLER, THE EXPENDABLES 2 plus THE HOBBIT and PROMETHEUS, which debut later this week. But with all those mega-movies coming out next year, I still may be more excited for THE AVENGERS than any of those films.

Crazy? Maybe, especially in the face of the TDKR trailer, which still has everyone whipped into a frenzy this morning. But I really think THE AVENGERS will surprise a lot of people (not by sneaking up on them, clearly, but by its level of quality) and I, for one, think it's right up at the top of my most anticipated of 2012 along with TDKR and PROMETHEUS (and, of course, Katherine Heigl's ONE FOR THE MONEY).

This is not a huge update, but we do have two new photos from THE AVENGERS to share with you today. One has Cap and Thor, who seem to share a lot of screen time in this film, battling whoever Loki has wrought upon NYC and the other has Iron Man doing his thing. Check them both out below.

Source: JoBlo.com



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