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Whomever is in charge of marketing for DJANGO UNCHAINED deserves a medal, because (to put it bluntly) I'm seriously f**king excited for this film.  Though there may still be other films for which I'm more excited on principal or due to the buildup of longer-standing expectation/hope, DJANGO UNCHAINED has taken the top spot for me in terms of "anticipation due to a solid marketing campain." 

Beyond even that though, it far and away looks like Tarantino's most mature entry in terms of filmmaking alone and a solidly entertaining mixture of plot, engaging characters, and action to boot.  Tarantino's entry in the Western genre feels electrifyingly fresh despite being an homage and reworking of past tropes and characters, and with the cinema climate as it is these days a  new western is a good western.  In my book, anyway.

DJANGO UNCHAINED arrives on Christmas Day to cap off what has actually been a year of pretty fantastic cinema.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be seeing DJANGO UNCHAINED because you're a Tarantino fan, a Western fan, or both? Or are you not seeing it at all?
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