Chris Pine pulls back the layers on Kirk in this Star Trek Beyond featurette

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James T. Kirk is a pretty straightforward character - He's a natural leader, he can crack a joke and he's loyal to his friends. Apparently that's all put to the test in the latest film, STAR TREK BEYOND, where the Enterprise is all but destroyed and his crew is split up. In this latest featurette from Paramount, Chris Pine and crew talk a little bit about who Kirk is and what journey he has to go on in this film.

There's a ton of reviews online for BEYOND (take a look at ours HERE), and the bulk of them say that this film is like an extended episode from The Original Series. As far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing! STAR TREK presented us with a brilliant set-up for our crew, while INTO DARKNESS rehashed one of the classic films in the worst way possible. If these new movies are going to take influence from somewhere, it might as well be the original series that spawned it!

STAR TREK BEYOND arrives in theaters tomorrow!

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