Christian Bale may reunite with director Todd Haynes for Act of God

Todd Haynes is looking to team again with Christian Bale on his next flick ACT OF GOD.

The flick centers on "a Kansas man who speaks out against local government after a devastating tornado, becoming a national figure in the process. If he takes the role, Bale would play Ron Madariaga, the scorned man at the center of the controversy."

Bale has starred in two of Haynes' previous films: VELVET GOLDMINE and I'M NOT THERE. This one takes the focus off the music and into "political exploration". One of my favorite things about Haynes is his willingness to try a little bit of everything. His last project, the HBO mini-series MILDRED PIERCE was great with a spectacular performance from Kate Winslet.

Last year, Haynes gave more insight into ACT OF GOD when he spoke in an interview with IndieWire:

“It’s sort of about the great middle of this country and their sort of suspicions about government. And how that keeps clicking into conservative politics and the way the right makes use of those uncertainties. There’s interesting reasons why people feel the way they do, outside of the coasts and outside of the clear liberal orthodoxy, and that interests me. It’s been too effective, that allegiance, for too many years, and I’m curious about it. So we’re kind of getting inside that process.”

Looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up regardless of Bale taking the job or not.



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