Claws out with Hugh Jackman in the latest Logan image

There's been a slew of black and white photos released to promote James Mangold's LOGAN (mostly from the director himself), and now we have another image of Hugh Jackman to titillate you. This time around, Jackman's showing off those beautiful claws in a setting that would feel at home in an '70s horror film. Sound cool? That's because it is!

Click to embiggen:

The aspect I love about this image is that it really doesn't feel at home with the rest of the material we've seen for LOGAN. Mangold seems to be pushing his 3:10 TO YUMA vibe, and I'm more than okay with that, but as previously mentioned, this shot in particular almost looks like something ripped from HALLOWEEN. I'm diggin' it! I admittedly don't have all the faith in the world that James Mangold will hit a home run, but I like the promotional material we've seen thus far. Now I want to see how hard they push this R rating!

LOGAN hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: Instagram



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