Cody's Playboy movie?

Honest to blog, this is some strange news. Diablo Cody could possibly be writing the PLAYBOY script.

This is the buzz according to Hugh Hefner's Twitter account, "Meeting with Diablo Cody to talk about the Brian Grazer Playboy film today." Cody could easily capture the overwhelming sense of airheadedness that some of those women carry, but could she take on the swagger that is the Hef?

So far Cody's career is made up of odd teenage dialogue that viewers either adore or simply don't get. Her writing is perfect for say, the SWEET VALLEY HIGH movie, which if any of you have read the books know they have about as much complexity as a shoebox.

Originally, John Hoffman was supposed to write the script, but I'm guessing that's not happening since they are taking the meeting with Cody. The JENNIFER'S BODY writer has yet to say anything about it on her Twitter account, which is odd since she is constantly "tweeting". Then again, they could be just exploring their options, it is only a meeting.

Extra Tidbit: I did find this funny however, taken from Ms. Cody's Twitter : @edgarwright I worry that your comments about OLD DOGS will haunt you in the press for years. Like Sienna Miller & "Shittsburgh."
Source: Twitter



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