Comic Con 2015: Fun pics with the JoBlo.com gang!

Another year, another successful San Diego Comic-Con for the JoBlo.com team! I swear, every year these things go by faster and faster; it seems like all of May, June and the first part of July is spent preparing for the madness, and then it's over before you even realize it. Don't get me wrong, when you're in the trenches you can feel the pressure, but by the time Sunday rolls around you're thinking, "Didn't I just get here?"

In any case, we always like to cap off our SDCC coverage with a gallery of pics devoted to the JoBlo.com crew's shenanigans. In case you don't know everyone, take a look at the first pic; from left to right we've got editor-in-Chief Paul Shirey, Jason Dean (first timer!), grizzled veteran Jason Adams, Hazel Fernandez, James "Jimmy O" Oster (you should all know him), Berge "JoBlo" Garabedian, Nick Bosworth and myself, Eric Walkuski. (Not pictured, Rusty Eltringham, but you'll see him below!) Most everyone here has been a part of the core group for the last three or four years, and if I may say so myself, we once again kicked the Con's ass and then some! Of course, it kicked ours quite a bit, too. Hope you enjoy our shameless mugging! 

  JoBlo.com at the IGN party!

JoBlo was a constant presence in Hall H this year. CONSTANT!      

Comic-Con on a SLOW day

     Paul Shirey and JoBlo gettin' very close

   Jason Dean sits atop the Iron Throne  

    Jason Adams wields The Mountain's sword


Paul and DEADPOOL co-creator Rob Liefeld

    Rusty Eltringham and Gus Fring himself, Giancarlo Esposito!  

  Jason Dean and... no, it's not him, but it's a damn good cosplayer!  

   Jimmy O and the DEADPOOL cast!  

     A stirring image from the Playboy party

And yet another

    The boys looking content at the Playboy party  

    Eric attends the free Star Wars concert thrown by J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm  

    Mark Hamill greets the Star Wars concertgoers  

What could be better than a free Star Wars concert? Add beer to the mix!

    Lightsabers are out at the concert!

     Jimmy and Paul screaming for some reason

The boys say hello

We talk to the MAN: Guillermo del Toro!

     No comment

JoBlo gettin' some art!

    We saw a drunk Transformer at the bar, so...  

    Of course we took a pic with him!  

    JoBlo trying very hard to ignore his demonic employees!  

What the Con looks like on Sunday night  

  Our last dinner together... until next year!  

     Up, up and away!

Source: JoBlo.com

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