Comic Con 2015: Ultimate Cosplay Mashup!

Yesterday, we brought you a look at all of the sexy ladies dressed as their favorite comic book characters. While the bewbage was of high caliber at Comic Con this year, we would be remiss if we didn't bring you a look at all of the intricate costumes designed by the hundreds of cosplayers that descended on San Diego this past weekend. From video games to STAR WARS and small screen fare, the crowds looked spectacular. Classic characters and countless iterations of DC and Marvel heroes filled the halls of SDCC and impressed our JoBlo.com crew. Check out this mash-up of all the coolness on display.

If this video does anything, it should make you want to attend SDCC next year. I have never been but it is my goal to attend this phantasmagoria of insanity at least once. Whether you are in Hall H for a major announcement or just strolling the geeks like you, Comic Con is unlike anything else out there. But, if San Diego is not in your budget, you better believe JoBlo.com will continue to bring you as much of the experience as possible. Click below to check out all of our coverage from this year's festivities.

Source: JoBlo.com



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