Conjuring 3: Michael Chaves, Ruairi O'Connor & Sarah Catherine Hook speak!

THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT is finally here. And I couldn't be more excited. Over the past few years, this franchise has found a very special place in my heart, and much of that is due to the incredible chemistry of the franchise stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. And I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed what filmmaker Michael Chaves brought to the latest chapter. The new feature also introduces us to both Ruairi O'Connor and Sarah Catherine Hook who take on the roles of Arne Cheyanne Johnson and Debbie Glatzel and both give impressive performances. The film is based on the unique case that brought Satan into the U.S. Court system, and now we get to witness this devilish tale both in IMAX or a theatre near you, as well as your own home on HBO Max. However you want to watch it, I recommend it.

Earlier this week we brought you our interview with Farmiga and Wilson - which we'll include below. We also had the wonderful opportunity to chat with both Ruairi and Sarah Catherine, and the two couldn't have been better. They opened up about playing opposite the two incredible leads, as well as portraying the real couple that was involved in this intriguing case. As well, we once again spoke with Michael who is always amazing to chat with. While he and I have had a very detailed conversation about the film, he expanded here a little on that opening sequence that is truly incredible. As a fan of this franchise, it was satisfying for me to see this story continue, and yes, I very much look forward to what's coming next for The Conjuring Universe.

Source: JoBlo.com

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