Cool Videos: The creepy animated short made by 11-year-old Lars von Trier

Earlier today we showed you the Tim Burton's strange Hansel & Gretel short from 1983; check it out and be terrified. Now we don''t set out to give you all nightmares, but I do have another treat for you tonight and it comes from Lars von Trier when he was just 11-years old.

Lars von Trier is one of the most controversial directors working right now; if you have seen his sexually charged NYMPHOMANIAC or equally controversial ANTICHRIST, then you know that to be fact. He and Burton do have something in common surprisingly, and that's young aspiration. Their early work is both crude and unusual; much like your own I imagine if you ever picked up a video camera and just started recording in your backyard.

The film's title is "Turen til Squashland...En Super Pølse Film", which translates to the odd title "Trip to Squash Land...A Super Sausage Film". Sounds about right.

Also just a heads up, the word "slut" means "end" so no giggling.

Source: Dangerousminds



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