Cool Videos: Bryan Cranston transforms into Walter White

Want to see Bryan Cranston turn into Walter White? Or is it Walter White turning into Heisenberg? I guess not since he's wearing the green shirt, no hat, and no jacket. Walter used to be a decent guy once. Watch the awesomeness take place on The After After Party hosted by Steven Michael Quezada, who you also know as Gomez from the show.

I've also provided you with this spectacular poster for season five that will only be given out at Comic-Con. You can pick up the poster at the Golden Apple Comic/G1988 booth for $50. You might want to get there fast since it's a limited edition-- only 200 copies were made. Creator Vince Gilligan and the cast are also set to do a signing at the Sony Booth at 10AM on Saturday. Make sure to hit up the Q&A on Friday, 6:45pm, Ballroom 20. The poster might be a little spoilery so you take the risk on this one. I don't feel as if it is. We don't know shit about season five and this poster gives us a slightest hint, but nothing to ruin your day.

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Source: BuzzfeedAMC



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